Monday, January 24, 2011

Nautilus Elementary - file browsing simplified

Nautilus Elementary is an unofficial version of Nautilus, the GNOME file browser, that is more streamlined and has more features than the official Nautilus.

Some features include a slider for easily changing the size of file icons as well as a new tab button that allows easier tabbed file browsing.

Nautilus Elementary was originally written for Ubuntu but can work on any GNOME-based Linux distribution.

Unfortunately Nautilus Elementary is not in the official Ubuntu repositories so we need to add an extra repository that contains Nautilus Elementary.

In the terminal enter the following commands line by line:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:am-monkeyd/nautilus-elementary-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 
nautilus -q
After doing the above commands the repository for Nautilus Elementary will be added and 
Nautilus Elementary will be installed.
Open up the file browser and you will notice that its appearance has changed slightly and 
it has some additional new features.

One useful new feature is a new tab button that can be added to the toolbar. This allows you 
to use tabbed file browsing without needing to open the file menu or press Ctrl+t.
To add the New Tab button to the toolbar first go to Edit>Customize Toolbar.
In Customize Toolbar it shows the buttons that are on the toolbar and the buttons which are not.
To add the New Tab button to the toolbar click on the New Tab button in available items and 
then click on the right-pointing arrow to move it to displayed items.

Now the New Tab button is is in displayed items and is on the toolbar.

You can change the position of the New Tab button on the toolbar by dragging it up or down 
in displayed items.

Here's a picture of tabbed file browsing in action:

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